Please take a look at the exhibition content here and let us know what you think of the ideas for the Romford Masterplan.

1. Overall, do you agree with the ideas you've seen?

2. Which ideas are you most supportive of?





3. Are there any ideas that you are concerned about or disagree with?

4. Do you have any other comments?

Please tick if the following applies to you: 


To help us make sure we are reaching as many people as possible and that the information we get represents the area, please share with us the following information.


These fields are optional, but if you choose to fill them out, they are confidential, anonymous and used only for our demographic records on this project. 

How did you find out about the Your Romford consultation?

What is your postcode?

How old are you?

What is your gender?

How would you define your ethnicity?

Do you consider yourself to have a long-term disability, impairment or health condition?

What is your employment status?

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